Mastering Light - Russell Abraham - Light, Technology, Design
Presented by Russell Abraham - Architectural Photographer
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 • 12:00 noon   Lunch will be provided   
B-K Lighting      40429 Brickyard Drive    •     Madera, CA     •     559-438-5800
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The architectural photographer negotiates the connection between the on site experience of a building or place and its graphic representation, and thus has an especially intimate relationship with light. Russell Abraham, one of the leading practitioners of the art in the US says “Pictures tell stories whether in film or digital. With architectural photography, the story is about the building or the space. How does it work? How big is it? What holds up the roof? What happens under it? If I can show all that and then add some sex appeal, I have succeeded. Our goal is to create images that are inviting, that spark the viewer’s imagination and let them feel they are in the space”
Like lighting designers, photographers understand architecture by how it harnesses and interacts with light, and must observe closely how people interact with buildings, albeit for slightly different reasons. Photographers also see light in highly analytical ways, and the tools and metrics they use both overlap and diverge considerably from the tools lighting designers use to understand and shape light – in fascinating ways.
In this talk Russell explores his experience of light in buildings and in the camera over a long career of reading and mastering the interplay of light in architectural form. He will discuss differences and similarities between lighting design and architectural photography, lighting buildings, people, and people in buildings, and describe early studio work that explored and documented color, white, and shadow rendering in LEDs. 


12:00– 12:30pm      Lunch & Announcements

12:30–1:30pm          Presentation

1:30pm                       Questions & Audience Discussion  

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