AIMS Center at FPU

The nonprofic AIMS Center at Fresno Pacific University is dedicated to assisting teachers facilitate the development of robust mathematical and scientific knowledge. Lighting Sales Rep: Associated Lighting Representatives, Fresno Architect: Chris Johnson, Johnson Architecture

Tulare Library & Council Chambers

The Tulare Public Library and Council Chambers was envisioned from the outset as an opportunity to create a new sense of pride in a farming community that is emerging as a growth center in California's Central Valley. By combining Council Chambers and Library in one facility that features a number of amenities, the new facility will become the cultural and civic heart of the community. Electrical Engineering: Hardin Davidson Engineering Project Architect: Paul Halajian Architects

Globe at Clovis Veteran

Fourteen B-K Lighting Tenaya 2 in-grades have been installed since 2007 along with five Nite Star II™ fixtures. Eight of the TY2's included ICEE™ Interstice Cooling Evacuated Enclosures which reduce fixture temperatures on average of 38%.

The Edison High School New Academic

The Edison High School New Academic Building is designed to establish a dramatic and memorable visual identity on the campus.The building provides state-of-the-art classrooms and learning labs, as well as a much needed lecture hall and presentation space for students to foster their communication skills. Electrical Engineering: Hardin-Davidson Engineering Project Architect: Darden Architects, Inc.

The Madera Center Community College

The Madera Center Community College Master Plan was designed to facilitate student and faculty interaction. Phase 1A of the Center, the 25,000 square-foot Administration Building, was conceived and designed to house classrooms, a 250-seat lecture hall, an admissions and registration area, faculty offices, administrative offices, and conference rooms. Electrical Engineering: Hardin-Davidson Project Architect: Darden Architects, Inc.

Timber Frame Pool House

Project by NatureScape Lighting located in Hardyston, New Jersey using TEKA Illumination pendants and miniature Path Lights along with B-K Lighting Delta Star™ and Nite Star™ fixtures.

Acushne 9/11 Memorial

B-K Lighting Adjustable Well Stars™ and Mini Micro™ are used in this Acushnet 9/11 memorial. Artists include Adam and Jeremiah Katz, and Eric Lintala; Lighting Designer: David Pires; Photo Credits: Frank C. Grace, Trig Photography; Adam Katz

Brookfield Place

A unique pair of 53 foot tall columns that are illuminated with a series of B-K Lighting metal halide in-ground fixtures. As well as Down lights which give additional illumination when the sun is not beam through the windows. IESNYC Lumen Award in Excellence awarded to Kugler Ning Lighting Design.

Harlan Ranch Tear Drop Luminaries

Tear Drop Luminaires installed on Harlan Ranch Road (Clovis)

High Bays at Sunnyside High

Fluorescent High Bays installed at Sunnyside High School (Fresno)

Florescent High Bays at RMS

Tandem High Bay Luminaires (HID and Compact Fluorescent) at Ranchos Middle School Gymnasium